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College and University events have a unique set of requirements that Consider It Done Special Events is very used to.  Quick turn around, strict budgets, and usually a pretty high guest count.  Don't worry, we've been working with collegiate events for over a decade, so we have you covered.  Whether the event is for Student Activities, Office the President, Advancement or Alumni, we can be sure to provide a dynamic event that will be tailored to the different age groups on campus.  

Student Activities Events

We can work with students directly or the student activities staff to produce on campus or off-campus events to include: 

  • Orientation Events

  • Homecoming Events

  • Spring Weekend Concerts

  • Winter Balls

Presidential & Advancement Events

Collegiate Presidential events can be a stressful endeavor to plan.  The demand for a large scale event, usually held on campus in a non-traditional event space or tent, with a high end clientel requires attention to detail.  At Consider It Done Special Events, we have certified event professionals on staff who will help ease the stress of fining the perfect partner, managing the logistics, and communication with the technical production team.  

Our specific set of skills will benefit the following styles of events:

  • Presidential Inaugurations

  • Commencement Galas

  • Campaign Kick-offs

Reunion Events

College reunions are an opportunity for fun and to re-engage graduates with the current agenda of the school!  There are plenty of different ways to celebrate, but there is nothing better than a good old fashion party!  Transformation of your school's multi-purpose space or gym is a fun way to create a unique themed event but still keep your guests on campus.    

To Learn More about Collegiate Events, please contact us here!

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