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Choosing your wedding flower design can be a simple process, once you have the list of what you need.  The CID team has developed a simple worksheet to help you get started with your flower planning.  Typically, since flowers are a seasonal item, Rachel works to secure the best conditioned flowers for your wedding based off your overall color pallet and wedding style.  Below, we've included many examples of different uses of flowers and plenty of photos to scroll through! If you would like to submit an event request online, please scroll to the bottom of this page to do so.  

Personal Flowers

  • Couple Flowers - What will you carry or wear down the aisle? 

  • Attendant Flowers - What will they carry or wear down the aisle?

  • Parent & Grandparent Flowers - We typically provide bouttonieres or corsages, but happy to chat about other unique ways to celebrate these special people. 

  • Officiant Flowers

Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Party Flowers

Ceremony Flowers

  • Ceremony Arch Flowers - We host an array of ceremony arches that we can provide or we can hang flowers on our venue's existing arch.

  • Pedestals with Flowers - These are great to  line the aisle or place at the beginning of the aisle to capture when you walk in.  

  • Chair Decor - Adding a small floral touch to the chairs that line the aisle really do add a little something extra.  

Ceremony Arches

Other Ceremony Flowers

Reception Flowers

We divide our reception flowers into (4) categories...

  1. Cocktail Hour Flowers - Most times, there are cocktail tables in the space where your cocktail hour will be.  This is a great place for a small accent like a bud vase with a few greens and a single bloom. 

  2. Guest Table Flowers - These are the centerpieces for where guests will seat to enjoy dinner. 

  3. Sweetheart / Head Table Flowers - This is the most photographed table in the space, so don't underplay where the two guests of honor sit. 

  4. Action Station Flowers - Flowers placed on bars, welcome tables, food stations or any other table in the space that isn't where a guest will be seating.  

Guest Table Tall Centerpieces

Guest Table Candle Centerpieces

Guest Table Low Centerpieces

Head / Sweetheart Tables

Flower FAQ

  • Can I request a specific flower to be included in my arrangements?    
    Yes!  We will do everything in our power to accommodate specific flower types, but, please know that some flowers are seasonal and all flowers are subject to availability!


  • Can I provide my own vases?  
    Sometimes!  We work with a professional line of vases, so it's important that the vases we use are of the proper quality to insure that they won't break in transit or topple over when Uncle John bumps the table during the dollar dance!  So, before confirming, we do request to see the vases in person in order to check if they can work for the design you are hoping to achieve.  Please note, most  personal vases do not meet the quality standard.  


  • I have a swatch for my attendant dresses, can you be sure to match the flowers perfectly to this swatch?  
    We will absolutely do our best to coordinate flowers to your wedding party attire, but remember, we are working with live flowers that come in a variety of colors.  We have found that using multiple hues of a similar color looks better than matching perfectly, in order to add texture and dimensions to your arrangement.  


  • I'd like to see a sample of your work. 
    We are happy to provide samples of work for a small fee.  The fee varies on the design selected and will be communicated to you prior to creating the sample piece. 


  • Do you have a spending minimum? 
    Yes.  Our minimum is $2


  • Can I pick up my flowers?  
    We are happy to offer pick up services for personal flowers only.  

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